The Liturgy of the Hours and Holy Mass Broadcast
from St. Benedict's Monastery, Palendriai

Please Note

Each broadcast begins 5 minutes before the actual start of the service.
   The system is unfortunately dependent on the sometimes limited availability of the monastery’s internet connexion.
   The services are broadcast live from our church and not from a recording studio. We apologize therefore for any extraneous sounds you may hear such as buzzing when lights are turned on or from the heating system, wind vibrations from the organ, the sound of wind or rain on the roof.
Sext at 1 pm lasts about 10 minutes and is followed by lunch for the monks who return to the church for None at approximately 1: 50 pm.
Compline – The broadcast is available at 8: 30 pm, but except on Sundays the monks usually enter the church after a chapter meeting around 10 minutes later..
Laudes : 7:15
Mass : 10:00
Sext & None: 1 p.m.
Vespers: 6:00
Compline : 8:30

5 eilinė savaitė 2023
Vas. 5 d. - Sk Sekmadienis
Vas. 6 d. - Pr Šv. Paulius Mikis ir yo draugai Didysis min.
Vas. 7 d. - An Šiokiadienis
Vas. 8 d. - Tr Šiokiadienis
Vas. 9 d. - Kt Šiokiadienis
Vas. 10 d. - Pn Šv. Skolastika Šv. 2 (2 nokt)
Vas. 11 d. - Št Lurdo Švč. Mergelė Marija Marija
Vas. 12 d. - Šv. Benediktas Ananietis Didysis min.