For monks, hospitality is a sacred obligation. According to St. Benedict, every visitor must be received as Christ himself, who declared in the Gospel: “I was a stranger, and you received me.” The monastic church is open to all who wish to pray with our community.

Visitors should feel free to address the monk at the reception or porter’s lodge.

The monastery accepts requests for special Mass intentions.

At the porter’s lodge, post cards of the monastery are available, as well as missals and religious books, Gregorian chant recordings and devotional objects, such as holy cards, medals and rosaries.

The monks of Palendriai publish a missal for the faithful in Lithuanian, “Gyvoji douna –The Bread of Life”. It contains the prayers and readings for Sunday Mass throughout the year, together with meditations on the Gospel. Missals can be obtained at the monastery or ordered.

During this period of lock down we have arranged broadcasts of our daily services: